Monday, September 29, 2014

An Old Gamer's Dilemma

I've been thinking of getting rid of my old systems for many many moons now, but I've been perpetually caught in a swirl of conflicting issues.

I grew up with the idea of never selling my games, but over the years, the strength of this notion has waned. When I think about, say, my NES, I think of two things. On the one hand, I think of the great times I've had playing with it and how I pride that, to this day, my single-owned system still works because I take care of my stuff. But on the other hand, I think of how I'm too lazy to curate my collection, how I don't want to deal with old tech anymore, and how such a great system is just wasting away while someone else could be taking better care of it than I do.

The part I'm stuck on is how to get rid of all of the stuff. Part of me says "Let's get rid of the old shit before I have the opportunity to change my mind." but then it conflicts with the part of me that says, "I'd like to give it to someone I know, but shipping is so expensive and I have to work on cleaning up before shipping it off." And I don't even want to listen to the part of me that says, "You'll play with it again....eventually."

I guess I'm just writing this to just get all these random thoughts on the screen so I can try sorting them out in some kind of logical sequence. Despite breaking certain morals, I've turned to emulation to satisfy my retro-gaming needs for time, space, and financial reasons. By no means am I giving up on gaming, not by a long shot. However, gaming has taken a different priority in my life. That said, I've come to believe the notion that if you want new things in life, you have to make room for them. I'm still coming to terms, but I think that I must part with my old systems. It's for the best....there's always someone out there that would take better care of my systems. I wish that there was an easy way to give my old stuff to someone I know would take care of them. I live in an inconvenient area in terms of post-office drop-off or pick-up. I don't want to haul a box of stuff for less than two miles in my car just to send it's not worth it. Inversely, I don't want to inconvenience anyone who would want to pick it up, either. I do have a retro game store in the local vicinity (less than 10 miles out) that takes great care of their hardware. I really don't care how much they want to give me for it all....I just want the stuff out. But, they close at inconvenient hours, and I really do feel bad about taking money away from them for it (but honestly, would like something to compensate for my efforts). My easiest option right now is to donate all my stuff to the Vietnam Veterans of America Household Goods Donation because they do pick up, but I'm not happy about not knowing who will receive my stuff, if it gets received at all. And I'm sure videogames are not necessarily something that they would want.

I guess I'm asking for help here. Does anyone know of any services that I would be able to use to get my stuff out of my house with total peace of mind?

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